“Change will lead to insight more often than insight will lead to change.”

Milton H. Erickson

A Bit About Therapy


Hello and welcome to my private practice. 

My name is Eliska, I am a psychologist and psychotherapist based in Prague. In my practice I provide therapy and counselling for variety of issues in the interpersonal and relationship area. I use Systemic approach as my background and I frequently use hypnotic techniques as a way to learn new things in altered state of mind. I work with people on changing the things they don't like in their lives as well as helping them to improve in things they are already good at.  

Frequent complains I work with are: 

  • adjustments into new life roles

  • life crisis / overcoming life situations

  • self-acceptance and personal growth

  • improving self-confidence

  • struggling with depression or anxieties

  • cross-cultural issues

  • adjustment issues, and  PTSD

  • post-abortion syndrome

  • overcoming bad habits

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Address: Centrum Empatie, -1 floor, Doorbell code 02
Moskevská 74, Praha 10

+420 730 633 125 available also via WhatsApp

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